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Website Hosting

Responsible Web Developers Place a Client on a Responsible Hosting Company.
Web hosting companies invest millions in facilities, equipment, staff and bandwidth contracts with Tier 1 telecom’s.  Their services include the assurance that your Website will remain available approximately 99.999% of the time.  The scope of hosting services made available through these companies is beyond the scope of the information on this page.  Suffice to say, your hosting account is comparable to leasing a commercial unit.  It is a parcel on which your Website files reside.  Services pricing for Website hosting can range from a few dollars a month up to one-hundred for small to medium sized businesses with typical traffic.  Additional traffic and services like SSL certificates and site back ups may increase cost.

Hosting-Related Services Clearian Provides:
Clearian Communications provides the following services to assure your new Website stays accessible and loads quickly for visitors. 

Note: Clearian Communications never resells hosting services or receives compensation of any kind.  Our recommendations are based entirely on the hosting vendor’s services, security and 24/7 support.

Clearian's Current Preferred Hosting Vendor

Hosting Vendors & Registrars We've Worked With

1&1 Hosting
Alchemy Internet
Fat Cow
Inmotion Hosting
Liquid Web
Media Temple
Name Cheap
Network Solutions
Quest Communications

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