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Web developer and SEO Company

Clearian Communications is a Web developer and search engine optimization company in Southern California.

We’ve been building Websites for businesses in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties since 1996.  We have helped hundreds of companies utilize the Web to grow their businesses.  Clients we have worked with as a web developer and search engine optimization company span countless industries in both B2B and B2C markets. 

Talk with us about your business.  We’re here to help!


We build professional Websites and get those sites visible on Google. 

Our distinctive competence is intelligently crafting the correct Website solution for each of our clients.  We care, so we get involved.  Let us know about your company, and we’ll prescribe a smart use of the Internet for your business.  We produce client Websites designed to:  grow market share, increase sales and inquiries, improve competitive position, develop Google presence, make a strong impression with a professional appearance.  In the course of web development, we also include technical SEO services and offer a variety of additional marketing capabilities to our clients.

Naturally and reasonably, you'd like to know...





How much does a Website cost? 
Naturally every Website varies in size and scope, so the cost is scalable.  However, our pricing is realistic and fair.  Your Website cost will be based on a factual, responsible and honest costing.   As a result of this traditional business approach, we are able to provide excellent work at a fraction of the cost of what many developers will tell you your project is worth.   
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How long does it take to build a Website?
Because every Website varies in size and scope, the build duration varies accordingly.  Most Websites take between 3 and 8 weeks.  Our typical client site is built in about 4 weeks.
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New Business


New business begins with new and increasing Website traffic.  We implement SEO fundamentals to ensure your Website’s visibility.

Where do we Begin?

Your Google Position

We’ll utilize the best SEO tools as well as the industry’s best data sources to determine your current search engine presence performance, i.e., how visible are you in Google, et al?  We’ll benchmark your current performance.  This becomes a verifiable and accountable point for measuring your new site’s performance growth.

your competitive position

In this second analysis, we’ll utilize the same SEO performance tools and metrics – with respect to your competitors’ effectiveness. How effective are they in getting their products or services in front of prospects? How effective are they compared to you? What are they doing right or wrong?

your strongest response

Utilizing your company’s resulting SEO market analysis, we’ll prescribe a new site architecture and content structure for success.  Next, we’ll program your site with the correct technical SEO elements.  When complete, we’ll submit your site’s content directly to Google. No waiting for bots.  We’ll get you visible ASAP!

Recent projects

recent Website Projects

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Regional Service Studio Rentals

Christie Vail

Utah Real Estate Agent

Boostpower USA

Racing Performance Marine Engines

PTS Furniture Gallery

High-End Home Furnishings

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Deep Sea Cables & Nuclear Reactor Lighting

Beach House Treatment

Malibu Recovery Centers

Full Throttle Kustomz, Inc.

High-Performance Automobile Building & Tuning

Clearian Communications

Website Development & Search Engine Optimization

Pacific Partners Commercial Real Estate

Brokering the Sale & Lease of Business Properties

What else can we do?

All sorts of Projects

Core web Services

brand Services

product Services

Graphic Design


Clearian has 28 years’ experience with graphic design for a myriad of print collateral and Web projects.  The artwork gallery links below display a very limited collection of samples, but the samples do demonstrate a graphic adaptation for the correct style for each client’s market and audience.

Get in touch. Ask some questions. Let us know how we can help.

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