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It’s been a privilege to be a part of the Internet over the past two decades.  Many Websites and projects have made their way across our desks since 1996.  We’ve gained deep experience in designing effective technical solutions to advance our client’s business objectives.  We’ve built sites, systems and solutions for countless businesses, in varied industries, across both B2B and B2C markets.  It’s been a thrilling experience, but not without its challenges and difficulties.  We’ve definitely earned our skill set.  We’ve worked hard through good times and difficult periods, and we have adapted with humility.  We enjoy sharing with other companies what we’ve learned.

Late in 1996 after a decade in traditional mass-merchant retailing and product marketing management I got involved with the Web.  This period was at the dawn of AOL’s browser 1.0 and 14.4 kilobyte per-second dial-up modems.  My good friend Jeff Eisenberg – Adplayerz.com – brought me in as general manager of his Internet Business Services Division of Eisenberg Communications Group.  The division was established to contribute Website development capability to the exploding online advertising sales organization he built.  We spun off the division into a new company called Infinite Axis.  IA built Websites and data systems for Fortune 500 companies and others throughout merchant banking, publishing, and healthcare.   I owe my Web career to Jeff Eisenberg.  Thank you Jeff. 

The Web, early in the 2,000’s:  OMG… That hurt…
The dot-com bubble crash came, saw, and killed 78% of the NASQAQ and $5 trillion in market capitalization.  The crash ended most Web-based companies – including Infinite Axis – and many of the companies our friends worked with.  Dot-gone…  I had spent the years 2,000 – 2,003 pacing the office trying to figure out how to make payroll.  That was a crushing but marvelous learning lesson about humility.  It changed me, and guides my behavior as a business owner today.  I respect anyone trying to keep a company healthy, be a good corporate citizen, make payroll for their employees and pay their vendors.

Do-Over.  A New Beginning:
A few years after the crash, Clearian Communications was formed as an Internet marketing, advertising, and technology agency.  We believe in parting the confounding curtain behind which much of internet technology and its developers reside.  Clearian advocates for, and delivers our services based on our clients’ reasonable expectations of honesty, integrity and skilled services.

Honesty?  Who’d a thought? 
Our preference is to work with the aggrieved business or owner.   Clearian’s  business philosophies are founded honesty and integrity.  Why? We’ve observed unethical Web developer tactics over our many years.  The Web development industry is fertile ground for technical deception, outrageous and unsubstantiated pricing, quotes on the fly, baffling clients with acronyms,  easy-money arrogance, locking clients into win-lose contracts, and outright walking away with their money.  I got and stayed angry as a – businesses owner.  So… absolute transparency and honesty became our niche market, and remains so today.  Clearian’s branding is based on the concept of transparency, honesty and purity.  “Clear”-ian, like water or glass… 

Give Clearian and honesty a new opportunity with your project.  We’re are a plain language agency to the extent possible.  An explanation is awaiting every question posed to us about our processes, technology choices, technology partnerships, and our fees for services.  Turns out, honesty’s a niche market on the Web.  So, that’s our market.  We look for companies looking for a Web developer they can trust – on a personal level.  Let’s work together on your project.

Thank you kindly for your interest in Clearian.

Patrick M. Cunningham



Agoura Sash & Door
Aladdin Heating & Air
Alpure Environmental
Amphenol Broadband
Ann Dean & Maryann Scott
Antelope Valley Volkswagen
Appellation Magazine
Aadlen Brothers
Atkins Magazine
Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.
Axco, Inc.
Bankcard USA
Barber Volkswagen
Barnes Ventures
Billiards and Bar stools
Birns Photogenics, Inc.
Cal State Rent a Fence
Cardservice International, Inc.
Carrington Insurance
Castle Home
Center for Orthopedic Specialists
Champion Marine
Chatsworth Transmissions
Coast to Coast
Collins Company
Comfort Walk-In Tubs
Cool Screens
Countrywide Mortgage
Credit Suisse
Dirt Bike Academy


Drive Drivers Training
Drum Tech
Early Orthodontics
Earthlink, Inc.
Eisenberg Communications
First Choice Air
Fleet Bank
Full Throttle Kustomz
Gallardos Automotive
Gyanjyan Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Hogan Family Foundation
Holland Electronics, LLC
Hovelstay, Inc.
Howard Sommers Towing
Intramedicine, Inc.
IPO Marketplace
J K Automotive
JT Harris, Inc.
Jump ‘n Jammin Centers
LA Popular Furniture
Leon’s Automotive
Liberty Hill Foundations
Lillian Products
Little Castle
M.Chevere Design
Majestic Equestrians
Man of Steele Sports
Marc Falco Law Offices
Market Authority
Mikes Transmissions


MM Pest Control
Motortrend Magazine
Nature Calls Portables
North Hollywood Ice Company
Northridge Furniture Gallery
Pacific Blue Whales
Pacific Partners Commercial
Palace Beauty College
Petersen Publishing
Pinnacle Group
Platinum Towing
Roma Interiors
Scandianavian Service
Schiros Collision
SD Constructions
Sports Car Classics
SS Floors
Summit Malibu
Take 2 Content
The Do It Center/Neiman Reed
The Grand Stooges
The V Spot Vapor
The Witmark Group
Thrill It Centers
Tip Top Arborists
Tomato Design
Tow Industries
Urban Home
Venture Surf, Inc.
Wentz Law Firm
Westlake Auto Collision
Westoaks Glass

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