Why Choose Clearian For Web Development


As Your Web Developer and SEO Company?

1. We are a Web design and development company specifically for businesses.
Our work in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties began in 1996.  We provide Website development and Search Engine Optimization for companies looking for a better utilization of the Web to grow their businesses.  We specialize in working with companies who’ve had bad experiences with Web development contractors and companies.  Honest Web development is our market niche.  Try that on for a change.  It’s refreshing.

2. Start with direct accountability.
We’re physically present.  We develop sites in this area so that we can meet with you personally, at your office, whenever helpful.  We will take a direct interest in your company and maintain concern about the business performance of your Website – after it’s built….  We’ll present you monthly with third-party performance reporting through Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Moz Pro.

3. Get the truth about Web development and Web developers.
We’ll tell you. It’s surprisingly refreshing to get an honest, long-term insider’s perspective.  Most businesses we work with have had one or more bad experiences.  Many have lost thousands on failed Web developer relationships.  Get some insight on those experiences and talk with us.  We’ll tell you what went wrong, and show you the way to an effective use of the Web – and that we can be trusted – including third-party verification.  That’s sort of “trust-lite” but we’re cool with that.

4. We offer great Website design, technical SEO for your business’ performance.
Your new site will be custom-tailored for a professional design appearance, intelligence in functionality, and  visibility in Google.  After the site goes live, we will continue track the performance with you, set goals and support site maintenance.  Or, if you prefer, well train you.

5. We don’t pull numbers out of the sky.
We cost our projects; just like you have to in your business.  Our pricing is fair, because it’s based on a spreadsheet analysis, detailed costing, and fair margins.  We do not price our work based on what we think you’ll tolerate or be deceived into accepting.  We will discuss our pricing candidly.  We will also work with you to adjust the scope and deliverables to match your budget.  If financing your site enables you to get your site going, just let us know.  Ask for quote.  We truly want to be helpful.

6. Make use of our experience – to simplify yours.
Spare yourself the learning curve. We’ve learned a lot since 1996.  Much of it was painful, tedious and costly.  Those difficulties are now simple tasks, fast and inexpensive to accomplish.  Take advantage of that experience.  We don’t have the nerve to tell you its easy to build a site to get you locked down on a monthly billing contract and crazy merchant processing rates.  Still want to try it on your own?  Ask us and we’ll make some sound suggestions.  Yes, really.

7. If you’d like to have a vendor you trust, we’d like to work with you. 
So, you do what you do best, and we’ll do what we do best – for you.  It’ll be fun for you; truly.

Clearian Advantages

Get in touch. Ask some questions. Let us know how we can help.

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