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How Do You Know if You Need SEO?

It depends on your site’s purpose…  
Are you trying to increase sales, or increase market share, or open new markets for your company, or be more competitive?  If so, search engine optimization is very important.

Some companies do not need SEO.
These companies use their Website more for prospects that already know who they are, and where their Website is.  Search engine optimization is less important, or not important at all.  These businesses are typically in niche or older markets and the “Players” are already know.  In these cases Websites are found by typing your company’s name directly into the browser.  That’s called, “Direct” traffic.

Some companies should definitely utilize SEO.
However, if you’re company is looking for growth and your company or products or services may be unknown to prospects, you absolutely need SEO.

What's the point of SEO? What will SEO do for us?

Increase prospect traffic to your site.
There are 10 Website links on each Google listing page.  Most searches – other than the most obscure – will result in hundreds of thousands or millions of results page. 

It’s a statistical fact that Website listings in the first few pages get more clicks and traffic than those pages that follow – obviously.  In fact, the traffic generating capacity falls off like a cliff after the first few page. The spot and page number that your company listing appears on is called that page’s “Page Rank.”  Getting a lower page rank is the goal. 

A myriad of additional philosophies concerning ongoing SEO efforts exist among the SEO community.  Our efforts are geared primarily to launch and monitoring technical SEO functions. 

For ongoing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), including Google Adwords campaigns, social media marketing, and all traditional marketing mediums, we recommend Logical Position.  No, they don’t need to be near by to handle your account.  We recommend them because we know they’re pleasant, professional, skilled and inexpensive.  They’re good people.  Visit their site by clicking on the link below. 


clearian Business Search Engine Visibility

The following search engine optimization services are included in Clearian site development – for those requesting SEO services. 

We review and benchmark site performance in SEO, including competitors for load time, keywords, page rank, links and other reports for guiding your new on-site SEO strategy.

Plans are made for site structure, categories, pages, posts, products and menus for SEO.

Content is gathered, created and prepped; text copy, HTML, product data, images & services.

Page, post and product layout is adjusted for correct viewing in tablet and mobile devices.

Page load speeds are tested.  Compression, CDN and caching measured are implemented.

301 Redirects are prepped from previous pages.  An XML site map is created.

Google Analytics tracking, Google Search Console & MOZ Pro campaigns are prepped.

Google Analytics tracking, Google Search Console & MOZ Pro campaigns are tracked.


Links to your site from other credible sites are very important.  These are called “Back Links” and they are at the core of Google’s Page Rank Algorithm.  Establishing these relationships with referring Website “friends”  is a business matter in our judgement.  Making direct contact and requesting a link to your site is required.

Your site should have a consistent addition of new content.  Content freshness matters to Google. It’s an indication that you are actively involved in growing your business and managing your site.  Keeping your site’s content up to date with fresh content helps your SEO agenda and search engine visibility.

The Search Engine Optimization


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