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Yes, we actually design WordPress themes

Yes, we can use a 3rd-party theme if you prefer to lower design costs.

Thoughtful design makes a stronger impression.
Website design matters to our clients.  We are generally not a cookie cutter Web design company.  We do not typically pick an out-of-the-box design and make it fit you.  We prefer to actually design a Website’s look and feel to  match our client’s brand and best express their identity.  Our intent is to meet the design expectations of our client’s customers.  What do they expect to see when they arrive at our client’s Website.  What does a Web developer do when no cookie cutter matches?  We do the artistic work necessary in every case, and cut no corners to make our job more lucrative or easy.

Clearian has been working with graphic design applications since 1991.  Our Website design work is a bit of an obsession.   In most cases our design work exceeds our client expectations.  But, we’ve never been asked to go back in and ugly it up a bit.

If you’re looking to hire a Web designer that will go to extraordinary lengths to assure your company brand is best represented in your site’s design style, we can just about assure you’ll be pleased.

If you’re less concerned about your Website design style and your budget mandates it, we can dial it down as necessary.  Store bought themes a inexpensive. Whatever best suits your needs…

Web design planning & intent

We’ll begin your Web design project from scratch.  We will build a unique WordPress theme from traditional design components:  Color, Type & Layout.  We’ll then convert these foundational components into WordPress theme software and build out your Website.  You retain all ownership right, title and interest in all of our work on your Website. Period.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Blending Art & Technology

Website Design Tools of the trade

In addition to the following traditional tools, CSS (cascading style sheet) programming carries your new designs into the Web environment.


 WEB Design & PRINT Collateral Galleries.

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