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Website Development Timeline

How does the Website development process break down?

In developing a business Website, the milestone segments listed below are typical.   These milestones and indicated timelines are typical with a small to medium-sized business – with moderate functionality requirements and content volume.

Regardless of the size of the Website, the segments of Preparation, Planning, Production, Completion and Launch are typical.

While the following steps and processes are typical, some variation occurs from job to job depending on options you choose.  We’re accommodating to your needs.

Website Development Timeline Milestones

The timeline varies with the scope of size and deliverables.

1. Preparation


3. production

4. Completion

5. Site Launch



WEEK 2-5



How long will it take?

Depending on the breadth of your site:

A wide variety of factors can influence the duration of a site’s build schedule.  The first and obvious consideration is: How large is the site?  We measure a Website’s size in content or page volume or product volume among other things.  Additionally, more involved functionalities like special customization, systems, e-commerce, etc. do take longer than basic content and page development. 

The collection of site content – your content – like text, images, product information, data sheets, etc. is a significant factor.  You’ll want to be prepared to provide this information for an expedient build.  Ask us how.

Talk with us for a more accurate timeline estimate for your site, and how you can best prepare for a fast and trouble-free Website development timeline.

Smaller Sites

3 Weeks or Less

Typical Sites

6-8 Weeks or More

Get in touch. Ask some questions. Let us know how we can help.

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